Happy Holidays! :)

I haven’t been posting because these days are a working hell! It’s calendar / Christmas gift time. So , basically, you wake up very early and go to bed pretty late, because of the huge amount of things you have to do. I just wanted to wish you a wonderful Christmas and a lucky, healthy … Continue reading Happy Holidays! 🙂

New Website

  Good Morning! As some of You may have noticed, I’ve just updated my website. So, You’ll no longer see updates on the homepage, but here, in the “Blog” session. I hope You like this  new appearance. I think it’s easier to navigate now, and looks a little bit better. Have a wonderful day, Francesca … Continue reading New Website

Ballerina time!

Hello! sorry for the lack of updates here on my official website. But summer means just one thing for a wedding photographer : work. I like to write my own posts, so I’d rather wait when I have some free minutes to do something. Yesterday I took pictures to Chiara Pelly, a beautiful and talented … Continue reading Ballerina time!

Intervista a Mauro Galligani

Finalmente è stata pubblicata. Poche cose mi rendono orgogliosa come questa: l’intervista al fotoreporter Mauro Galligani, un pezzo di storia della Fotografia e del Fotogiornalismo. Sentirsi dire che è la più bella intervista che gli abbiano mai fatto, mi ha profondamente commossa. Grazie, Maestro. Un’ ispirazione meravigliosa.   http://www.youthlessfanzine.com/mauro-galligani-intervista-quella-dolce-ebrezza-da-pellicola Continue reading Intervista a Mauro Galligani


Hello Again! I just wanted You to know that we support MALARIA NO MORE  and we hope You’ll soon do the same!Malaria is a disease of the blood that is caused by the Plasmodium parasite, which is transmitted from personto person by a particular type of mosquito.  As You can read on their website: THE ANOPHELES … Continue reading MALARIA NO MORE